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Experience some unbelievable features in Aero Whatsapp Apk v9.8. Download the app on your device and enjoy an enhanced messaging experience.

Aero Whatsapp Apk v9.82 is the modified version of the regular Whatsapp. This mod application has more features than the original Whatsapp. This app will make your messaging easier. Explore its fantastic features like Aero themes, perfect UI, privacy, and many more. You will love to use this app as this app is the perfect replacement for the messaging app of Whatsapp.

Version :9.82 | Size : 78 MB

Aero Whatsapp Apk Download v9.8 [Official] Latest 2023

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What is Aero Whatsapp Apk?

 Before the launch of the app Whatsapp, it was very difficult to communicate with people. After the launch of Whatsapp communication became easier. Nowadays, messaging has become one of the essential things in our life. We often chat on Whatsapp with our friends, family members. Now, Whatsapp is also used for business purposes. So, in many ways, Whatsapp is making its users happy. The privacy of the original Whatsapp is one of the best privacy-giving apps.

You can’t even doubt the privacy of Whatsapp as all the chats of Whatsapp are end-to-end encrypted. However, many features are not liked by the users. As they want something more on WhatsApp. However, Whatsapp can’t provide all of the features so you have to switch to Aero Whatsapp.

Aero Whatsapp is the modded version of the original Whatsapp. You will get great benefits by using this app like Aero widgets, Aero themes, DND mode, privacy, and many more. Download the application Aero Whatsapp Apk v9.82 on your device and enjoy its great features. You can download the app on your device for free. Continue reading to know more about Aero Whatsapp Apk v9.82.


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What is Aero Whatsapp Apk v9.82?

If you are tired of using the original Whatsapp as you are not liking the features of it. Then switch to Aero Whatsapp which is one of the great replacements for the original Whatsapp. There are so many mod versions of Whatsapp but Aero Whatsapp is quite different.

This app will help you to chat easily and also be worry-free. The app is safe to use on your device. The app has enhanced privacy options that will not be found in the original Whatsapp. So, download the app on your device and enjoy the app.

What are the Best Features of Aero Whatsapp Apk v9.82?

There are some interesting features in Aero Whatsapp, and many features are not available on the original WhatsApp. All the features of Aero Whatsapp are listed below:

Anti-Delete Messages

It is always an issue and makes a question in your mind: what did the person write on the chat? As the person deleted the chat. However, now you can see the messages which are deleted as this app has the anti-delete message feature. This feature is not available on the original Whatsapp.

Schedule Reply

Schedule reply is one of the greatest features of Aero Whatsapp. You can schedule a message that you can send to someone at a certain time. You simply just have to write the message on the message scheduler and the message will deliver to the person to whom you want to give the message on that certain date.

Safe and Secure

Safety is one of the important things before using anything. However, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the original Whatsapp. But, this type of application always creates doubt as this app is safe and secure to use on my device. You don’t need to worry about the safety and security of the app as this app is safe to use.


Everybody likes to customize as they want to see their app at their level. They want to look at the app just like they did if they were the developer of the app. However, it is not possible on the original Whatsapp but it is possible in the Aero Whatsapp. You will get thousands of themes on Aero Whatsapp.

Chat Lock

Privacy is the thing that every user wants to have on their app. Almost every app has that privacy option. Now, you can open the app by giving your biometrics or passwords. However, Aero Whatsapp chat lock feature. If somehow the app gets opened your chats will be safe. As to opening all those chats it also needs a password.

Language Translation

Language is also a very important thing while communicating. It became a very essential thing if you don’t know the language of the person with whom you are chatting then it is very difficult to chat with that person. For that reason, language translation is helpful in this kind of situation. It will translate the language at the time when the message comes.

Aero Widget

Widgets always enhance the beauty of the device. However, Aero Whatsapp also comes with its widget. As you can now use the app by clicking on the widget. In many cases, you don’t need to open the app as you see the messages or text someone; you can do it through the widget. It is one of the useful features of Aero Whatsapp.

DND mode

If you want your Whatsapp notifications to keep coming in but you are in a very important meeting and you don’t want to be disturbed. Then you can switch on the DND mode. As you will keep getting the notification but in silent mode.

Aero Whatsapp Apk vs Original Whatsapp

Here are all the features available in Aero Whatsapp Apk v9.82 that are missing in the Original Whatsapp

FeaturesAero Whatsapp ApkOriginal Whatsapp
Hide blue ticks×
Large Media sharing×
Download status×
DND mode×
Chat Lock×
Message Scheduling×
In-app language Translation×
Anti-delete messages×
In-app language Traslation×

Additional Features of Aero Whatsapp Apk v9.82

You can use multiple accounts on Aero WhatsApp on one device.

You will get a notification when a specific person is online on Whatsapp.

You can now share more than 30 images at a time as in the original Whatsapp you can share only 30 images at a time. You can also share high-quality videos on Aero Whatsapp.

You will get more privacy as you can now hide your information online, by typing, and last seen. You can also hide blue ticks as the person won’t be able to know whether you have seen the message or not.

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How to Download and Install Aero Whatsapp Apk v9.82?

Follow the steps given below to download and install Aero Whatsapp Apk v9.82.

Download Aero Whatsapp Apk

Download the Apk by clicking on the download button given on this page

Allow all the sources

Go to your settings>security>Allow Unknown Sources and enable it.

Install Aero Whatsapp Apk

Click on the install button to install the Aero Whatsapp Apk v9.82.


Open the app and enjoy!

Download Details of Aero Whatsapp Apk

NameAero Whatsapp Apk
PublisherAero Whatsapp Official
Size78 MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Customization

FAQs About Aero Whatsapp Apk v9.82

Aero Whatsapp is the modified version of the original Whatsapp. The app has features that the original Whatsapp doesn’t have.

Aero Whatsapp is completely safe to use on your device. The reviews of the app are also positive, it denotes how safe the app is. 

No, you don’t need to pay any money to use the app. As this app is completely free of cost. You can download the app for free.

No, Aero Whatsapp is not available on the Play Store. You have to download the app from any trusted third-party website.

However, it is very difficult to tell which WhatsApp is better. But, in terms of features, Aero Whatsapp is way better than the original Whatsapp. You will get features that are not even available in the original WhatsApp.


WhatsApp has now become one of the go-to apps for smartphone users. WhatsApp has 5 billion plus downloads in the world. Users like to use sApp. However, many users wanted some more features.

So, to experience some more great features then you have to download Aero Whatsapp. This app has features that the original Whatsapp doesn’t have. Features like Customization, DND mode, Message scheduler, Downloading Status, Aero Widget, and a lot more.

Users will love to use the app on their devices as it is completely free to use. Download the app on your device and enjoy the unbelievable features of Aero Whatsapp.